Top 3 Sad Love Poems For Her From The Heart

Sad Love Poems For Her From The Heart #1: Adding Colours To My Life

Such a gloomy, mundane life it is,
My life as a sin-girl.
The smile on my face was a please
To many in the world.
Many did applause
For I was such a brave girl.
What many thought was still in a piece,
Was actually a pimple.
You were an appease
For i was ready to mingle.
What I shared was the least
But my mind was a jungle.

Sad Love Poems For Her From The Heart #2: Unconscious Thoughts

In silent rooms we lay,while deafening dreams our minds display.
We wake to find our only friend pain,who brings the cold,dark light of day.
While no one knows of what we think,the sounds we hear seem cold and bleak.
Yet there's this feeling to awake,but no matter how hard you try,your tired body just won't take.
There's panic and fear arising,then something somewhat surprising.
You drift back to that cold dark place,where consciousness bears no stake.

Sad Love Poems For Her From The Heart #3: Lost & Helpless

17 years of age, feeling & knowing nothing will ever change. Lost & helpless on my own, seeking for answers that are still unknown. Questioning my life every single day, that why did it all have to be this way? No one understands the way I feel, I can't take it no more.. this pain is just to real.

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